I tried to deploy my laravel application, then i got the following error:

In PackageManifest.php line 122: Undefined index: name

Undefined index: name


In my case, the following steps are worked for me :

  1. Find the PackageManifest.phpfile in:

2. Comment the line:

$packages = json_decode($this->files->get($path), true);


Solved by:

  1. Change import {AsyncStorage} from 'react-native'; to import {AsyncStorage} from '@react-native-async-storage';
  2. Check from your node-modules dependencies that using import {AsyncStorage} from 'react-native'; In my case, I used “redux-persist”: “5.10.0” that using asycnstorage from react-native in my store.js file:
import storage from ‘redux-persist/lib/storage’;
const persistConfig = {
key: ‘root’…

Lim Sing

I am a Backend Developer

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